Uncommon Sense Volunteer Information

Uncommon Sense Team

Uncommon Sense seeks to teach tools and techniques to ponder, question, probe, and develop decisions, beliefs, and actions. By default, your brain will decide whether or not a statement is true by looking at things like “how symmetrical is the face of the person telling me this?” “what accent does the person speaking have?” or “how many times have I heard this statement before?” We provide students with the community and toolkit (full of cognitive science, probability theory, decision theory, and more) necessary to try making their decisions more consciously and updating their beliefs based on the strength of the evidence presented.

Volunteers should be ready to learn and practice the concepts we’ll teach. You should be skeptical, intrinsically motivated to seek out the truth, and eager to learn when you’re wrong.

General Outline

The program runs from 4-5pm PT Wednesdays. Every four weeks will focus on exploring a different concept, with the final of the four weeks in a unit focused on implementing the idea and synthesising concepts. Volunteers should arrive at 3:30 and stay until 5:15. There will also be other meetings to plan and rehearse for roughly an hour a week (exact times and durations may change).

Teaching Volunteer

About 2 hours a week. Dive into specific activities, ideas, and games, mastering them well enough to teach. Engage with students ideas and inquiries.

Curriculum Volunteer

About 4 hours a week. Along with teaching, brainstorm, test, and refine activities for the program.