What We Do

We provide low-cost and no-cost programs that teach and encourage people, especially underrepresented youths, to code, lead, and improve their understanding of the world.

Open Programs

Free project based learning in a 3 : 1 student teacher ratio.

Form and Function

Form and Function gives middle schoolers the power to crack the “code” of web development through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in an online, weekly after-school program.

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Hello World

Hello World is an online, two-week long summer camp for motivated girls to learn to build their own websites, getting down-and-dirty with real code.

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Momentum is a free, project-based deep-dive into the technical fundamentals of AI. Each student will walk away having built their own neural network with guidance from MIT mentors on MIT campus.

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Our Impact









"I really enjoyed this program because it brought out my inner coder in me and it's a very fun journey to go on. We get to learn so many new thing which include in making our own websites and games. I highly recommend this program for other coders that are out their and that are willing to have a great experience"
- Ishrita