Executive Leadership

Sophia Wang

Website Team Lead

Jamie Liu

Digital Marketing Team Lead

Kisha Patel

Digital Marketing Team Lead

Kylie Aboukhalil

Outreach Team Lead

Ellie Tanimura

Fundraising Team Lead

Nira Patel

Head of Human Resources

Board of Directors

Sydney Von Arx Selena Zhang

Board of Advisors

Devin Von Arx Cheyenne Huggins Lucia Zhang

Meet our Mascot

Hello, I'm Bit by Bot, the official mascot of Form and Function and Hello World! I was created in the summer of 2020 by our volunteer and graphic design artist Olivia Wadley. I enjoy coding and learning new things about the world around me. In Bit by Bit, I get to experience the wonders of learning every day. To see more of me, you can visit the Form and Function or Hello World information pages!