Uncommon Sense

A free, experimental program launched in partnership with Stanford Effective Altruism. Priority applications close September 26th at midnight PDT. After that applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis.
Play with cutting-edge artificial intelligence and try to figure out if it will destroy the world.
Test out your ideas for fixing elections.
Estimate the number of alien lifeforms in the universe.

What: From world leaders deciding whether to launch nuclear missiles, to students deciding where to apply to college, turning information into effective decisions is hard, and it matters. Uncommon Sense is a program for inquisitive high schoolers interested in learning ways to challenge their beliefs, improve their decisions-making, and think about world-changing ideas. We aim to teach not what to think, but how to think critically. To do this, we immerse students in the discoveries of cognitive science, statistics, philosophy, decision theory, and more, and we support students in applying these ideas to help solve global problems and achieve their own goals.

Who: Grades 9-12

When: From 4-5pm PDT every Wednesday starting on September 30th.

Where: Online. Join us from anywhere.

Cost: Free, with a suggested donation of $20 per month! Click here to contribute.