Neural Logical Volunteer Information

The goal of this two week long summer program is to teach high-school students with a basic foundation in Python how to code a neural network in Keras. For more information on the specifics of Neural Logical please visit our Neural Logical page.

Volunteer applications are now open, and we will be accepting volunteers through June 19th.

General Outline

Students will be learning:

Instructor/Helper Volunteers


  • Possibly teach a large group of students the concepts of neural networks
  • Otherwise, act as a supporting volunteer to answer students in the chat or break out with students
  • When broken out with students for one-on-one instruction, should be comfortable communicating concepts to the students

Time Commitment

  • Around 3 hours a day the week of the program with extra time if you would like to stay after and provide students extra instruction
  • An hour a week on volunteer training in the weeks leading up to the camp
  • An initial meeting with program director to determine your coding level provide extra training if needed


  • Have a solid understanding of Python and neural networks with Keras and Tensorflow
    • If your knowledge on a few of the concepts is spotty, we will be more than happy to teach you!
    • Also, if you are not familiar with Tensorflow or Keras but have worked with similar libraries/frameworks, it may take extra time to transition but should not be a barrier to volunteering

Once you apply, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that we have received your application. A follow up email will be sent out 2-3 days after we receive your application and interviews will begin in May.

Curriculum Volunteers


  • Help us develop and refine the activities and general curriculum for Neural Logical
  • Create additional materials/props for instructors to use when teaching such as slides, interactive tutorial ideas, demo site ideas, and example deep learning projects

Time Commitment

  • Around 1.5-2.5 hours a week, but can be very flexible
  • Meeting every other Tuesday at 5pm PT with whole curriculum team
  • Optional discussions with entire organization once every other week


  • Have a solid understanding of Python and neural networks
  • Previous experience in Keras and Tensorflow (or be willing to learn/transition over)