Homeroom Levels

What is a Homeroom?

We want to make sure every student receives exactly the right amount of challenge every day. No matter what your previous experience or preferred learning speed, we have a curriculum and projects to accommodate it! We’ve broken web development into six different homerooms, and there’s one that’s just right for everyone.

Each homeroom is a breakout room on Zoom where we will teach a set of skills at a specific coding level. Students will start in a homeroom that matches their initial knowledge. Throughout the year, they will migrate through every stage, learning new skills in each one and leveling up.

What are the different homerooms?

Homeroom 1 - Basic HTML

Don’t know a bracket from a curly brace? We will walk you through everything from the very beginning. Don’t be intimidated! It’s easy to pick up.

Homeroom 2 - Advanced HTML

I know HTML is a language and not just random letters, but it's not a language I speak fluently.


  • Good understanding of tags.

Homeroom 3 - CSS

I can make a website, but it’s about as plain as a cardboard box full of khakis. So let’s add some style!


  • Stage Two prerequisites
  • Attributes
  • Nesting
  • Div tags
  • Ids

Homeroom 4 - Basic JavaScript

I have a gorgeous website, but it's static and doesn’t move. I can ask people questions on my website, I just wish they could answer me.


  • Stage Three prerequisites
  • Selectors (Element Name, Id, Class)
  • CSS Border Properties
    • Background color
    • Text color
    • Positioning
    • Div tags

Homeroom 5 - Intermediate JavaScript

My code is super repetitive and long. I want it to be shorter and more elegant.


  • Stage Four prerequisites
  • Data types
  • Variables
  • Alerts
  • Prompts
  • DOM
  • If statements

Homeroom 6 - Advanced JavaScript

I am an amazing coder! Put me in the hardest room because I am ready for a challenge.


  • Stage Five prerequisites
  • Functions
    • Parameters
  • While loops
  • For loops
  • Arrays