About Us

Meet our Coordinators

Our coordinators organize, plan, and lead the three branches of Bit by Bit to make them the best they can possibly be.

Sydney Von Arx

Uncommon Sense Coordinator

I am Sydney Von Arx, and I love to code, learn about weird ideas, and maximize utility! I’m a computer science major at Stanford. I also help run Stanford Effective Altruism and work with the Stanford Existential Risks Initiative .

Devin Von Arx

Form and Function Coordinator

I have always enjoyed computers. After many years of coding, I joined Bit by Bit in 2019 as a volunteer. Since then, I have helped run all three of our coding programs (middle school, high school, and summer). I currently coordinate the Form and Function after-school coding program. I want to help people see the beauty behind the binary in coding.

Cheyenne Huggins

Hello World Coordinator

Learning about the world has been a passion of mine as I always wanted to understand the world around me. Coding has broadened my horizons bringing me many amazing opportunities such as volunteering with Bit by Bit, which I joined in the summer of 2020. Now, I coordinate our summer program, Hello World, to teach others about the wondrous world of coding.

Lucia Zhang

BxB Central Coordinator

Hi! Compared to many people I know, I started coding pretty late due to an irrational fear of coding, but it has become one of my most intriguing hobbies. I joined Bit by Bit in 2020, working extensively to develop our Hello World summer camp. I currently direct BxB Central and hope to make it a strong community where students can learn, teach, and lead!

Meet our Team Leads

Our Team Leads each run a smaller section within BxB Central. They are the brains behind many of our organization's operations, training new volunteers, organizing their teams, and constantly improving what they do.

Sophia Wang

Website Team Lead

Ellie Tanimura

Fundraising Lead

Jamie Liu

Marketing Team Lead

Nira Patel

Human Resources Lead

Praveer Sharan

Software Engineering Team Lead

Meet our Cofounders

Selena Zhang

Sydney Von Arx

Our Organization

Bit by Bit is a student-led nonprofit located in Portland that started running programs in 2018 and incorporated in 2019. Our mission is to diversify the community of ponderers and creators by equipping the next generation with the tools of technology, thinking, and leadership to improve the world, bit by bit.

Our Services

We strive for low-cost programs to teach and encourage students, especially girls and other underrepresented youths in the STEM community, to code, to examine the world, and to lead. We currently offer three programs: Hello World, Form and Function, and Uncommon Sense. Hello World is a summer camp aimed at teaching middle school girls the inner workings of websites. Form and Function is a free after-school program empowering middle schoolers with the tools of web development. Uncommon Sense allows high schoolers to examine the world critically and see things with a skeptical eye. For our paid programs, scholarships are readily available to ensure all can enjoy our programs. We also train student volunteers to adopt the responsibility, initiative, and dedication critical to strong leadership, all through hands-on learning. We started as a summer camp to teach middle school girls how to code, and the following year, we expanded to clubs for middle schools and high schools. In 2020, we also incorporated critical thinking as one of our services.

Meet our Mascot

Hello, I'm Bit by Bot, the official mascot of Form and Function and Hello World! I was created in the summer of 2020 by our volunteer and graphic design artist Olivia Wadley. I enjoy coding and learning new things about the world around me. In Bit by Bit, I get to experience the wonders of learning every day. To see more of me, you can visit the Form and Function or Hello World information pages!