Meet the Instructors

Sydney Von Arx

I am Sydney Von Arx, and I love to code! I’m a computer science major at Stanford. I have experience with eight programming languages. I have completed three computer science-related internships and built several programs and apps. My real specialty, though, is web development. One of the few things I love more than coding is teaching!

Selena Zhang

I’m Selena Zhang; I'm an avid web developer and love to teach and learn from others! Next year, I plan to study computer science at MIT, but in eighth grade, I was the only girl in my computer science class, and I felt discouraged and alienated. I want other girls to have a different experience, so I’ve devoted hundreds of hours to teaching after-school programs throughout high school.

Our Organization

Hello World is run by a Portland nonprofit called Bit by Bit Coding. We started running programs in 2018, and incorporated in 2019. Our mission is to expand and diversify the programming community by equipping the next generation of programmers with the tools they need to master coding and leadership.

Our Services

We provide low-cost and no-cost programs to teach and encourage people, especially girls and other youths underrepresented in the programming community, to code and to lead. We currently offer a summer program, Hello World, and two after school programs at Lake Oswego High School and Lake Oswego Junior High. Both after school programs are free to attend, and we make Hello World scholarships freely available to ensure the programs are as accessible as possible. In addition to sharing the gift of code, we train student volunteers through hands-on learning to adopt the responsibility, initiative, and dedication critical to strong leadership.